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About Dale Harding

Even at a young age, Dale knew he wanted to be an artist. Every opportunity to enroll in art classes and specialized art instruction was an adventure.  Ultimately he earned both a Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in Art Education with a specialization in printmaking and focused further yet on fine art serigraphy (screen printing.)

Dale began his working career as an art teacher then decided to follow his penchant for printing technology by bringing his skills into the industrial print world.  He has held numerous positions in the graphics equipment manufacturing industry including technical director, product manager, regional sales manager and national technical training manager.

Although limited in creative time throughout his working career, Dale continued to create limited edition serigraphy as well as oil and water color paintings. Quite by accident, he discovered the beauty and color brilliance of painting with pure pigment that can only be achieved with soft pastels and has since focused on pastels as his medium of choice. Interestingly, Dale uses his background of ink manufacturing to create many of his own pastel colors made from naturally occurring pigments he has found in the southwest and particularly Colorado.

Dale has been a long time resident of New England and many of his earlier works draw inspiration from the New England coastal areas.  He now lives in Colorado along the the Front Range and paints full time. He takes his inspiration from the beauty of the Southwest, the Colorado mountains and plains, Colorado's history and it's unique architecture.


Artist"s Statement   

As an artist, I don’t categorize my subject focus in any particular direction.  I am however, inspired by the world around me which often reflects nature, coupled with and altered by human influences.  My work is inspired by the effects of light, shadow and its effects on color and mood.  So often, I am surprised and excited by personal observation that constantly surrounds me.   Sometimes it’s high value contrast that I see so often in Colorado and the Southwest and sometimes it’s limited value ranges commonly found in nocturnes and moody, fog shrouded coastal areas.  I often take license from the Fauvist movement, experimenting with emotional and playful use of color and composition as I strive to capture the essence of my personal experiences and lead the viewer’s eye on a tour through my paintings.  My ultimate goal in all of my work is to invite each viewer to interpret my experiences in their own manner and connect with their own personal “moment in time.”